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Ideate your tech-for-good strategy from your business model canvas
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Hey dudes, many people think that doing good from their business comes only from enlightened inspiration. Or that tech-for-good firms can only be built by 20-somethings with a Masters’ degree in some physics part of academia (and a rich daddy). … Meer lezen

Five foundational tech for good solution strategies
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Hey dudes, many talks I do are about flipping as much tech firms as possible into tech for good businesses. In those discussions I try to inspire entrepreneurs to take action, and there is one topic that keeps coming back. … Meer lezen

Goal accountability is an important part of building a tech for good business
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Are you sure that you are really working on achieving your massive transformation? Are you convinced that your crew is making decisions daily that support the route you want to travel? Do you exactly know where you stand on the … Meer lezen

Digital technologies will help build resilient communities after the coronavirus pandemic
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Amid the horrific public health and economic fallout from a fast-moving pandemic, a more positive phenomenon is playing out: COVID-19 has provided opportunities to businesses, universities and communities to become hothouses of innovation. Around the world, digital technologies are driving … Meer lezen

Better tech business from alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals
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Hey Dudes, I know entrepreneurship can lead to corruption as well as to good things and technology / digitalization is absolutely no silver bullet per se. But you can call me a sucker, I do believe in the relentless power … Meer lezen

The role of business strategy in agile project management
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Many people consider project management to be a clean and rational task that can only handle about facts and figures, action lists and statuses. To me, this factual side is only the closing stage of the task at hand. In … Meer lezen