Hey Dudes,

My real name is Doede van Haperen, during my career I found out that a lot of cultures around the world pronounce that as Dude.

A career that brought me inspiration and experience in digital technology. For 20 years I have been involved in over 100 projects. I engaged in various roles, ranging from developer to entrepreneur and from business consultant to project manager. I traveled the tech scene in Europe and occasionally even outside. During these years I supported more than 50 start-ups, scale-ups, tune-ups and (yes, I have to admit) also some f#ck-ups.

I am a strong believer in the powers of entrepreneurship and technology. Both can change the world if you focus the right way and just let them.

And that is what I fight for. There is a lot to do in the world around us and I would like to see tech entrepreneurship blossom to see more tech leaders find their way to the technology frontier. The front where I think several fights against environmental decline and social injustice can be won. The work I do for and with clients is based on bringing the right methodologies together with their transformative dream. My own developed framework, called “The Dream Wheel“, helps in the practical side of managing these processes both from the perspective of Agile Project management as well as Tech Business Leadership.

Let me help you to fight a good tech-fight.

Let me inspire you as a tech leader in business or in projects to build solutions that make an impact.

Let me support you in becoming more successfull while doing just that.

Let us together build better tech business, let us together ship more solutions that matter to people who care…

let me be your Dude at the Technology Frontier!

Or read on to see what I am made of...

Dream heavy, build lean, grow fast

Archetype: renegade creator

Also in tech leadership it is not only about 0’s and 1’s. The psychology and neurology behind success and failure, instinctive response and personal drivers has always been an interest of mine and helps me in assessing teams and branded organizations. Me personally can be clearly defined as a renegade creator. I love to break the status quo the moment I see more can be gained from a situation and I absolutely have the need to (re-)create, to structure, to build.

Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will get you anywhere

(Attributed to Einstein)

Driver: passion

The reason that I am doing this work is sheer passion. Passion for technology innovation and passion for entrepreneurship., but above all passion for combining those two into transforming solutions.

Ever since getting my Bachelors’ degree I have been busy with those two elements. Over the years I have seen ups and downs in both and learned to pull through because there was something ‘deep inside’ that told me to.

Over the past few years I found that genuine passion was that thing hiding ‘deep inside’! The moment I start talking to people about entrepreneurship and about innovation I litterally feel something changing in me and I can go on for hours…that’s passion I guess…

People think talent is a driver for success while data shows that poverty, stupidity and culture are more important drivers. Passion can break it all just by showing up every day…

(Paraphrasing Malcom Gladwell)

Personal tech expertise: B2B eCommerce and Platform development

I have supported many lines of businesses in their general development and leadership processes and ways of thinking, but off course I also have my own specialty area. Over the past 20 years I spent most of my own long-term engagements in B2B eCommerce and Platform development.

I love the concept of organizations finding each other, connecting online and leveraging each others’ data into optimzed processes. The synergetic power that can be created from connecting the right players in business and having alghorithms in place to form the lever between both worlds is magic!

Currently I am also co-owner and entrepreneur behind a technology firm in that line of work, check out www.flexforcemonkey.com for more info on that.

If you do not get in the ring yourselves, then I am not interested in your opinion!

(Brenee Brown)

Got a special assignment?

Did you check the books and have you read the ways that you can work with me but still have a special question that you want help with? For instance a difficult tech project that needs to be revitalized or a business strategy challenge that you cannot fit into a two-day workshop? Or any other kind of tech leadership question on how to achieve your dream?

Feel free to just send me a message and pitch your question for my help. I will let you know my thoughts asap.