Besides writing and posting my thoughts all over the internet, the thing I love most is working with entrepreneurs, organizations and projects in tech directly. My main mission is to inspire you as a tech leader into making better solutions and to support you in becoming more successful while developing those solutions. And I love to get my hands dirty with that in workshops, coaching, project management and speaking!

Tech-business Growth Coaching

Based on 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and 10 years of sorting out methodologies, I want to help other entrepreneurs in becoming successful while going after their dream to change the world.

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Tech-business Strategy Bootcamp

“Re-purpose your business and grow!”

Tech businesses in all life stages sometimes have difficulty in (re)-finding their mojo. They have a dream but find it difficult to transform that into a growing business. In this 2-day workshop approach I help (leadership) teams analyze their business to recognize and break through their own barriers to get that ship sailing (again).

Remote Project Management

“How to design a project approach that cannot fail”

Losing stakeholder engagement? Difficulty in delivering tech that supports the business?

Project leadership is more than just status reports and planning. Any project should be founded in the higher dream of the company. I specialize in designing and delivering strategic tech-projects for companies that want to grow. Either if you want me to help clear a few roadblocks or if you want to get me involved for a longer period, please get in touch.

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“Inspire your audience on how tech-entrepreneurship can change the world!”

Founded on a major passion for tech entrepreneurship and a lot of experience, involving proven business growth methods and project leadership approaches, I can take your audience back to the basis of tech development: “an entrepreneurial dream to change the world”