To me, project management and business management are very closely related topics in the tech scene. It is eventually all about managing funds and motivating resources to get valuable products shipped to happy users who want to make an impact with it.

Projects are basically small portions of a business that need to be addressed. That is why as a project manager you will hear me talk about strategy and business growth stages, while as a business growth stages coach you will hear me talk about product increment management and project leadership. Stripped to the bone it is all founded in Agile (Personal) Leadership. This is why I looked at the landscape of methodologies and found some frame was missing. Where do all methodologies fit in the wider whole? How can you address the full cycle that brings it all together and that makes you spark as a tech leader?

More on this will follow shortly in my newest eBook

  • Application Business & Projects
  • Author Doede van Haperen
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  • Year 2020