Combining the decades old principles of Lean at Toyota with the struggles of a start-up gave Eric Ries the insights of how to develop your start-up in such a way that you get clarity on success or failure in the shortest time possible.

Eric Ries counterintuitively defines that the basic task of a start-up is not to start earning money as soon as possible. He says that it should all be about finding answers as quickly as possible to two questions:

  • Which value do we deliver that is worth paying for by a certain (group of) customer(s)?
  • How can we model that value creation into a reproduceable delivery that leads to a growing customer base?

These questions should lead into experiments that are designed to deliver data that gives answers to develop into the right direction. An iterative, wasteless process leads you from strategic pivot to strategic pivot until the moment you find the clues you need to pinpoint your exact proposition into a scalable business.

  • Author Eric Ries
  • Application Business
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  • Year 2011